We provide:

  • Seasonal Grass Feeds
  • Mechanical Lawn Aeration
  • Selective Weed & Moss Control
  • Lawn scarification
  • Soil acidity balancing
  • Lawn Renovation
  • Lawn Disease Management
  • Lawn Pest Control

Seasonal Feeds

Quality British produced Lawn fertilisers with the correct balance of nutrients applied at key points each season to stimulate organic activity promoting a greener and healthier grass sward.

Weed Control

Where required we apply a fast acting selective herbicide which is absorbed via the leaf tissue eliminating existing and pre-emerging weeds, the herbicides we apply are far more effective than retail alternatives. We are Fully licensed in the Safe use of pesticides and have many years of experience applying these products in a Safe and professional manner.

Moss Treatment

We use a highly effective fast moss control solution to kill the moss spores prior to lawn scarification which allows us to remove moss more effectively. Too much Moss in a lawn is detrimental to grass competing for space and soaking up surrounding moisture and nutrients.

Lawn Scarification

We operate a specialised lawn scarifier designed specifically to extract large amounts of moss and fibrous layers of thatch from the base of your turf.

This discourages moss growth allowing the grass in your lawn to grow thicker and stronger.

Lawn Aeration Services

Mechanical Lawn Aeration creates large air pockets allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach the grass roots, promoting a stronger grass structure while reducing compaction and improving drainage within your lawn.



To alleviate Moss spore growth and Weed establishment

Lawn Pest Eradication

Most lawns have an element of lawn pests that don’t cause any major damage. However if you have a large outbreak of Worm Castes, Leather Jackets or Chafer Grub larvae we can treat with the relevant product to reduce further damage.

Seed Starter Fertiliser

Specially formulated fertiliser to promote faster grass seed germination and improved grass establishment.

Lawn Renovation

Should your lawn need that extra but of care we can apply grass seed and where required apply top soil.

Soil Acidity Balancing

Lime Application to reduce soil acidity if too high to encourage grass growth and discourage weeds.

  • Quality Finish =
  • Healthy Grass =
  • Happy Clients