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Great British Lawns was established on the 1st of August 2012, we were inspired by the joining of the United Kingdom during the Olympics and Para Olympics. As well as the success and determination of the athletes themselves, having seen what can be achieved through sacrifice and determination.

Knowing the Lawn Care industry to be a highly competitive market with large Lawn care franchises having vast advertising budgets at their disposal, I wanted to offer a personalised service that was unique to each customer’s lawn needs whilst able to provide a high level of customer service and focusing on attention to detail.


Having worked in the Lawn Care industry for several years and being City & Guilds accredited. I extensively researched products that were more effective and longer lasting than domestic retail alternatives and managed to find British manufacturers that could help us achieve great results when applied to our customers lawns. Having the products I was confident in, my next challenge was offering my services to potential customers within my locality, with a number of leaflets printed I began to post them personally and after a few weeks I had gained my first few customers, which after seeing the results for themselves, our services were recommended to their friends and family.


With a growing customer base I have been able to invest year on year with more effective professional machinery and offer more services to meet our customers needs and expectations. We continue to pride ourselves by how many satisfied customer’s lawns we improve and maintain and not the number of lawns we treat.

In only applying British produced fertilisers to our customers lawns together we reduce the carbon footprint by not transporting stock thousands of miles overseas.

If you should also give us the opportunity to improve your lawn I am confident you will be pleased with the results, please look at the gallery to see how your lawn could look after using our services.